The role of being a 500 Festival Princess was not only an experience of a lifetime, I was able to impact lives through service and ambassadorship. While wearing the crown and sash, I was given a platform to volunteer, advocate, and educate individuals on Indiana history and topics I am passionate about.

During my time as a 500 Festival Princess, the question of “why” was always asked and was on my mind. As a 500 Festival Princess, I was able to organize outreaches and impact my community directly through service and volunteerism. One of my major outreaches that I organized was attending the Best Buddies Friendship Walk in Indianapolis! I personally have a strong passion for ability awareness and advocacy, although I never had a platform to make a strong impact in my community. While wearing the sash and the crown, my “why” is that I am able to represent my community and make a larger impact as a 500 Festival ambassador. Having the opportunity to represent my hometown as a 500 Festival Princess has not only been a true blessing, I truly cannot imagine my life being where it is today without the opportunities, guidance, and friendships the position has given me.

When applying to the 500 Festival Princess Program, I could have never imagined that impact I have been able to make and the knowledge I have obtained. I highly recommend that individuals look into the 500 Festival Princess Program and give thought to applying, it is hard work and worth every second of wearing the sash and crown. Not only will you make lifelong memories, you will be part of a historic community of princesses that support and lift each other up each and every day.