On Saturday, April 10th, the 500 Festival Princesses visited Khamis Fine Jewelers to pick up their custom 2021 500 Festival Princess Program Pendant and receive their $1,000 scholarship, made possible by Marlyne Sexton, an Indianapolis philanthropist and president of The Sextoxn Companies, and the 500 Festival Foundation. During the event, the 500 Festival Princesses were also able to connect with the 500 Festival board directors.


The 500 Festival Princess Program, presented by The National Bank of Indianapolis, celebrates Indiana’s most civic-minded, academically driven young women. Serving as a 500 Festival Princess provides young women with once-in-a-life-time experiences and countless opportunities for leadership and professional development.

One of the benefits of the 500 Festival Princess Program is the opportunity to create lifelong connections with business and community leaders. On Saturday, the 500 Festival Princesses were able to meet and connect with the staff and partners at Khamis Fine Jewelers and learn more about the custom pendant. This year’s pendent incorporates all of the traditional elements that represent 500 Festival Princesses. It includes a ‘heart’ as in the compassion and character of a princess, an ‘emerald’ for the Month of May birthstone, and a ‘checkered flag’ to represent The Greatest Spectacle in Racing that is the Indianapolis 500.

Lily, a senior at the University of Southern Indiana, shared “The necklace is so beautiful; on behalf of the 2021 500 Festival Princess Program class, thank you so much to Khamis Fine Jewelers for providing this wonderful piece of jewelry to us! It truly encapsulates the incredible memories from the Princess Program, and I will always treasure it.”

Each year, 500 Festival Princesses are paired with a 500 Festival board director who serves as a mentor for their time at the 500 Festival, and this weekend, they were able to connect in person at the Khamis Fine Jewelers store.

Support of the 500 Festival Princess Program is provided by The National Bank of Indianapolis, Marlyne Sexton, BKD, Khamis Fine Jewelers, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Vera Bradley, and the 500 Festival Foundation.