New Year’s resolutions are fading and the winter blues are sinking in. However, there is light at the end of the cold, dark tunnel. Race weekend is just four months away and the only “blues” to be of concern will be those of the Indiana sky on the final weekend of May. Well-versed fans take advantage of the tradition and pageantry by making stops at all of the weekend’s iconic events. The 500 Festival hosts three original events throughout the weekend that lead up to drivers starting their engines. So with plenty of time to start planning, here are the 500 Festival race weekend events you won’t want to miss in 2018!

500 Festival Memorial Service, presented by Rolls-Royce | #500MEMSERVICE

Begin the weekend with reflection. Give thanks for the possibility of the weekend ahead. Between the hustle and bustle of May’s festivities, the 500 Festival Memorial Service, presented by Rolls-Royce, takes time to gather, slow down and embrace the people who truly represent the reason for Memorial Day Weekend. The Indy 500 garners people who share a passion for the red, white and blue, but race weekend gives greater reason to celebrate the sacrifices made by Indiana men and women who perished while serving in the armed forces.

IPL 500 Festival Parade | #IPL500PARADE

Check two epic events off of your bucket list in one weekend, because one of the premier parades in the country prefaces the greatest race in the country! The IPL 500 Festival Parade captures the highlights of race weekend for race fans, adults and children alike who want to embrace the spirit of May in Indianapolis. Whether you’re an avid race fan or just looking for entertainment, the Parade offers enjoyment for all. Keep your eyes peeled for celebrities who will be out and about. You might even catch a star-studded performance, too! No helmets or fire suits here. The Indianapolis 500 starting line-up engages with the crowd in all their glory. The streets of Indianapolis will be lined with spectators among the bliss of race weekend. It’s Downtown Indy like you’ve never seen as we celebrate the 2018 theme; Illuminate. Innovate. Indianapolis.

KeyBank 500 Festival Snakepit Ball | #SnakepitBall

Indy’s historically exclusive race weekend event returns in 2018 with a Fast and Fabulous approach to race weekend. An eclectic crowd of business and civic leaders, celebrities and VIPs will congregate at the Indiana Roof Ballroom for the Keybank 500 Festival Snakepit Ball. Themed as a futuristic party, this red carpet occasion entertains a sellout crowd with high energy performers and a dance floor that guarantees an unforgettable race eve!

How’s that for celebrating the greatest race in the world?

The good news is… the weekend has only just begun!

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