Quinci Miller

2017 Princess Quinci Miller shares her story about being a role model and the lasting relationships she made as a Princess.

Being a role model to so many people is one of the greatest parts about being a 500 Festival Princess. I was constantly able to be a mentor, tell kids the value of hard work and show others how giving back is one of the greatest rewards. I loved being able to be someone others looked up to and I learned a lot about the value of leadership.

My favorite memories about being in the Princess Program are all shared with the other 32 amazing women I was constantly surrounded by. These women are phenomenal in all aspects of their lives. They encouraged me to continue to work hard and were great support systems. The amount of memories I made with these women are endless and I am forever grateful I was able to make 32 new friends. Being a Princess is a lot of time and hard work, but it is all worth it.

I loved that I was given the opportunity to grow professionally through leadership development programs that were held by the 500 Festival. One of my favorite parts of the program was meeting Marlyne Sexton, who funds our scholarships within the program. She taught me a lot about how networking shouldn’t only be viewed in a professional way, but rather networking should be defined by the relationships you gain in your life. She also taught me a lot about finding a career you are passionate about and to pursue your dreams with hard work.

I also enjoyed being paired with a director. I was paired with Justin Christian, the 2017 Chairman of the Board who also attended DePauw University, so we already had a lot in common! Not only was he a great leader who taught me a lot, but he also was a great mentor. He always supported me in my outreaches and gave great advice during my time as a Princess, and after. I have no doubt he is someone I will always stay in contact with.


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