olivia walker

2017 500 Festival Princess Olivia Walker shares her professional development experience and the lasting relationships she found as a Princess. 

As a 2017 500 Festival Princess, I was able to connect with 32 other inspiring young women devoted to serving their community and the state of Indiana. Being a Princess allowed me to experience the tradition of the Indianapolis 500 while developing as both a professional and a leader.

The 500 Festival Princess Program is a longstanding tradition with the Indianapolis 500. During my time as a 2017 Princess, I was able to develop professional skills through the 500 Festival Leadership Development Program, presented by BKD, and develop personally through multiple community outreach and volunteer opportunities. Not only did the program allow me to see the Indianapolis 500 in a whole new light, it provided me with experience and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Interested in the 500 Festival Princess Program? Applications are still open for 2018!

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